Main line sewer cleaning

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One of the most important components of a home plumbing network is the sewer line that carries all the waste from the home outside to the municipal sewer line. Proper maintenance, hygiene check and cleaning of the sewer line is very important. San Clemente Plumbing Champions offer mainline sewer cleaning services so that the homeowners have a fully functional and hygienic plumbing system.

Main Line Sewer Cleaning San Clemente CA

Our home plumbing network consists of two major elements – fresh water system and waste water system. The fresh water system brings clean water from the main city line into our homes and eventually runs through hot and cold water lines into our showers, bathtubs, dishwasher, etc. Waste water system, on the other hand, takes all the sewage waste out into either the building’s septic tank or straight to the municipal line. And main sewer line is the integral part of this system.

Though it is one of the most essential components of the home plumbing system, main sewer line is at times neglected due to lesser accessibility. The problem surfaces when some damage occurs due to blockage. If the problem goes unnoticed, it can cause damage to your property and pose a health risk to you and your family members.

It is important to keep the plumbing system smooth functioning, and San Clemente Plumbing Champions have the expertise, experience and skilled technicians who can perform these jobs professionally.

When Do I Need Sewer Line Cleaning?

Main Line Sewer San Clemente CA

To determine that the sewer line is not functioning properly, one has to look out for problem signs.

  1. Multiple pipelines getting plugged concurrently – A sink, bathtub or a faucet getting clogged can indicate a problem with that particular line. But if multiple drains or pipelines are getting clogged simultaneously, it point outs the issue to be with the main sewer line. As the entire plumbing network is interdependent, clogging in the main sewer line can mostly leads to multiple drains and pipelines getting choked.
  2. Foul smell from the drains – As the main sewer line gets choked, a bad odor starts emitting from the various drains in the house. If you notice such foul smell from different drains in your house, you must contact your plumbing company immediately to have the main sewer line inspected.
  3. Flawed functioning of the plumbing system – As the sewer line is the core of the plumbing system, if it gets choked, the rest of the things start working erratically, like gurgling sound from the toilet, reduced water flow and pressure, all mean that the main sewer line needs attention.

For any of these situations, contact San Clemente Plumbing Champions and we will take it from there so that you have a well functional plumbing system.

What Techniques are Used to Clean Main Sewer Line?

San Clemente Plumbing Champions suggest having the main sewer line cleaned every 6-12 months, removing all the dirt, debris and scale build up in the sewer pipe lines. With sewer line cleaning, any root infiltration is also removed and your home plumbing system is healthy, hygienic and well functional.

Essentially, a main sewer line is cleaned with the following two techniques:

  • Auger or snake – Using an auger or snake that has a long length, a sewer line is cleaned by putting the auger deep inside the drain and turning the hand crank to remove any kind of dirt or debris from the inner walls of the pipe.
  • Sewer Jetter nozzle for a power washer – This technique involves blasting high pressure water through the nozzle specially designed for this purpose, clearing all the scale and sediments collected inside the pipe. This process is faster than using the auger as the latter is a manual process taking longer time.

Why Choose San Clemente Plumbing Champions?

Cleaning the sewer line thoroughly is a job that only professionals should undertake. Our plumbers and technicians at San Clemente Plumbing Champions have the knowledge, skills, experience and expertise in handling all such plumbing issues. We are equipped with latest equipments and tools that aids in completing sewer mainline cleaning efficiently in a faster manner.

For best sewer and drain cleaning services San Clemente Plumbing Champions is the name to remember. Our team of plumbers is reliable, efficient, courteous and professionals taking care of all the plumbing worries.