Re-pipe & Remodel

San Clemente Plumbing Champions: Remodel your House in the Most Efficient Way

Despite having installed the best plumbing system with latest technology and up-to-date sewer line, everything ages and becomes old. With scale buildup, root infiltration and regular wear and tear, the pipes start leaking, cracked and run down that cannot be repaired any further, hence they need replacement.

Since repiping involves complete layout and foundation of the home plumbing network, it is in your best interest to get the job done by the professionals. San Clemente Plumbing Champions is the most reputed plumbing company in San Clemente. We provide all kinds of services related to plumbing including repiping the plumbing system or remodeling your bath or kitchen. Our expert technicians and plumbers are qualified, skilled and have the expertise to carry out the task involved in repiping and remodeling process.

How Does Repiping Help?

Re Pipe Remodel San Clemente CA

Just like everything else in your home, the plumbing system also becomes old and wears down. The plumbing system in the house is in use every day. Debris, food particles, hair, etc, from your bathrooms and kitchen all gets racked up, blocking the pipes and breaking them down eventually. Some pipes get leaky, some get rusted, leading to foul smell and discolored water. If these issues keep propping up frequently despite getting them fixed, it is time to say good bye to the old pipes and repipe your home drains or sewer line.

Repiping safeguards you against a lot of recurring plumbing problems like clogging, leaks and slab leaks, reduced water pressure, backward flow from the sewer line, water discoloration, rusting and corrosion, etc. Repiping also takes care of the following plumbing issues at your home:

  • No more water leakage
  • Free flow water pressure in kitchen, bathroom or laundry
  • Clean and safe water without contamination
  • Monetary value of your property increases

Repiping Services Offered by San Clemente Plumbing Champions

Various repiping services that our plumbers and technicians undertake are:

  • Remodeling
  • Pipe section repair
  • Whole house repair
  • Additions


Remodeling the house involves updating the current home system with advanced utilities to enhance the comfort, safety, beauty and efficiency of your home. You can remodel your kitchen, bathroom or any other part of your house for that matter to add more functionality, warmth or beauty to it, making it more livable as well having an increased market value for the same.

Remodeling process is a lengthy and tedious job that takes weeks to finish. Having an expert do this job makes our lives much easier. San Clemente Plumbing Champions is a company well known for its seamless, trustworthy and professional plumbing services. Our staff is trained, professional, licensed and insured and knows their job perfectly well.

Kitchen Remodeling

Redesigning a kitchen may involve various things – a new sink, a dishwasher, advanced refrigerator, a garbage disposer among many other things. The best part about choosing San Clemente Plumbing Champions is that our expert technicians shall help you out in selecting the right equipment or appliance for your kitchen. Also, the design, layout and installation plan is well chalked out and discussed so that the new kitchen has maximum space utilization. This is done with the help of our expert technicians who have been working in this field since years together and know how things work. So, right from selecting the product to its installation, everything is taken care of by us.

Bathroom Remodeling

Whether the old bath fittings have stopped working the way they should or they do not match up to the rest of the aesthetics of your home, redesigning a bathroom becomes necessary. Bathroom remodeling may involve replacing a faucet, sink or shower head with a newer and better model or tearing it down completely and having a modernized bathroom outright. A bathroom is a very personal space, with some wanting it to be luxurious and comfortable, while other may look for functionality and ways of water conservation.

Whatever the requirements may be, San Clemente Plumbing Champions will make sure we deliver what you expect. Our expert plumbers who have plumbing experience of many years shall guide you through the whole remodeling process. From selecting the right bath fittings, modernized shower heads, or bathtub whose water can be recycled for usage in faucets, we provide complete guidance and assistance to our clients to get what they want. Based on the home and bathroom design, layout and your budget, our technicians at San Clemente Plumbing Champions shall help you in selecting the right fittings and equipment for the bathroom. Our uniformed and experienced plumbers cater to installation, relocation and all kind of bath fittings, so you can be assured to have a new bathroom ready in no time.

Pipe Section Repair

Cracked or broken pipes are something homeowners deal with frequently. These damaged pipes may lead to flooding, leakage and chaos in your home. Based on the extent of damage to the pipeline, homeowners can choose if replacing a section of a pipline can fix the issue. For instance, if there are intermittent plumbing issues in kitchen only, with the kitchen drain or the pipeline connected to the dishwasher getting clogged every now and the rest of the home plumbing system seems to be functioning normally.

With the help of video camera inspection, our technicians will determine which section of the plumbing line is damaged and the extent of the same. If the section of pipe is damaged beyond repair, our plumbers shall replace it completely with a new and better pipe, to solve the problem once and for all. This repiping process saves times, efforts and your money.

Whole House Repair

Repiping the complete plumbing network of a house happens mostly in one of these circumstances – when you buy an old house whose plumbing structure is obsolete and outdated, to raise the market value of pre-owned home and when you are facing recurrent plumbing issues in the house you live in. Repiping the entire house is a demanding and tedious task. Getting right plumbers to do the job makes the whole process much easier. San Clemente Plumbing Champions shall help you in repiping the house with professionalism, efficiency and in least possible time while being easy on the pocket.

Additional Remodeling

Apart from remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, there are many other things in the house that one might want to replace or upgrade – a bar sink, island sink, tankless water heater, auxiliary sink, relocate fixtures, laundry drains, etc. All these services are handled professionally by our plumbers and technicians.

If you are planning to repipe or remodel any part of your home, trust San Clemente Plumbing Champions for their reliable, efficient and fast plumbing services.